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About Us

05/06/2017 6:06 AM


Hi, We're The Alpha Team


An innovative collective of like-minded folks implementing cutting edge digital marketing solutions


Our Story

We are a group of innovative, motivated and experienced marketing professionals. We depend on creative use of technology to provide that extra edge to our clients, We specialise in solving complex digital marketing scenarios, and implement marketing technologies like Marketing Automation, advanced Analytics, Customer Relationship Management platforms, Account Based Marketing tools, Marketing Dashboards, Data Management Platforms and many more.. This is in addition to our expertise in Advertising Platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Ad Roll and other popular Demand Side Platforms. TRACLE is the result of our efforts to make SEO and growth easier for digital marketers around the world. We have developed and integrated 64 powerful SEO and growth tools in the Tracle platform. We hope to add new tools and improve upon the existing ones.


What drives us

In our pursuit for perfection we have realised that following some basic principles have been making us more efficient and effective in producing results for our clients.


We ensure full transparency by engaging in open and honest conversations with our clients


Our Services and methods are creative and innovative making your online business drive profits


Ingenuity has been the driving force for us to deliver market-leading results for our clients