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You are probably on the most useful page the internet has to offer to you right now. We are a group of experienced and exuberant digital marketing professionals and consultants. We specialise in solving complex digital marketing scenarios, and implement marketing technologies like Marketing Automation, advanced Analytics, Customer Relationship Management platforms, Account Based Marketing tools, Marketing Dashboards, Data Management Platforms and many more.. This is in addition to our expertise in Advertising Platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Ad Roll and other popular Demand Side Platforms.

Digital Marketing Company in India

Services We Offer

We understand you are looking for the
best returns from your marketing spend.
So we have tailored our services just for that.

Digital Strategy Consulting

We analyse your business and help you come up with a full funnel digital strategy.

Marketing Technology Consulting

We evaluate different marketing technolgy tools to find the best match, and also implement them.

Paid Campaigns

We specialise in running multi channel paid campaigns for customer aquisition.

Search Engine Optimisation

We get you ranked well on Google for relevant searches and skyrocket the website traffic.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Marketing Automation

CRM Implementation

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Display Advertising

Online Reputation Management

Website Development
Digital Strategy Consulting

Digital Strategy Consulting

We build marketing strategies aligned with your business goals, based on your Customer's Journey. Our strategies are focussed on getting you the best ROI in the long run, and encompasses all sections of digital marketing. We implement growth hacking techniques to outdo the competition.

Key Focus Areas Include
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimisation
Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing Technology Consulting

Martech enables us to nurture and retain customers by automating customer interactions. Very personalised messages are sent at scale, based on user activities, through channels like email, sms, push notifications. This data driven approach also blurs the lines between marketing and sales.

Key Focus Areas Include
  • Marketing Automation
  • Account Based Marketing
  • CRM Implementation
  • Advanced Analytics & Dashboards
Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Paid Advertising

Multi channel, cross platform and data driven advertising is the new standard. We do much more than that with AI based smart platforms like DoubleClick, AdRoll and other ad exchanges and DSPs. Allowing us to optimise costs, with Real Time Bidding and programmatic buying coming into picture.

Key Focus Areas Include
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • AdRoll
  • Google DoubleClick
Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

Search Engine Optimisation

We use up to date and innovative SEO techniques to get you ranked on major search engines. When done right, SEO gets you large amounts of high quality and free traffic. This solves the problem of user aquisition to a large extent.

Key Focus Areas Include
  • Optimised website structure
  • On page SEO
  • AMP pages
  • Link building
  • Website speed and engagement rate optimisation
Digital Marketing Consultant
Outsmart Your Competition

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How It All Fits

Digital Strategy Consulting
Establish contact with your prospects.

SEO, paid campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing gets you discovered by your prospects. We use account based marketing tools to find and engage high value CXO level prospects.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services
Engage and transact with customers.

Remarketing ads, social media and automated drip marketing workflows helps engage the users, pushing them down the funnel towards transaction. Engagement also improves brand recall and loyalty.

Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore
Keep your customers coming back.

Marketing automation along with other martech tools helps in engaging with the users by sending intelligent personalised messages and calls to actions. This increases the lifetime value of customers.

Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

Why Is Marketing Automation So Important

In most simple terms, marketing automation is automating repetitive marketing actions using automation tools. But this is oversimplification to be honest. Automation doesn't just makes repetitive tasks easier to execute, it also opens up new possibilities by enabling marketers to target prospects with highly personalised messages, thus helping in nurturing leads and retaining customers. Wasn’t this the goal all along, getting the right message to the right guy at the right time!

  • “One of the best digital marketing agency we have come across. The alpha team helped us scale exponentially in a very short period of time.”
    — Priyank Jain, Founder & CEO, Blogbeats
  • “The Alpha Team has helped us grow consistently and at a very fast pace. The team has been very supportive and always approachable. Also helped us with integrations of CRM and marketing automation tool.”
    — Arvind Elanglovan
  • “You give them the scope and goals, and they deliver. This was such an experience with AlphaTeam. #BestInDigitalMarketing”
    — Nitesh Jain, Co,

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