Essential SEO factors you need to know


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization applied for accelerating the amount and quality traffic to your website through organic search. SEO practices can assure your website content gets indexed adequately to indicate and show up once inputting relevant search terms associated with your website. At the basic level, obtaining a website to display results are around 80 percent; however, your site is optimized for search engines and 20 percent depending on what content is really on the website. Best SEO practices always optimize your content according to search engines. However, the extra content on your website can help for additional reach and indexed on search engines.

Purpose of SEO

  • Optimizing your site to generate organic traffic from major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex.
  • Ranking your website for multiple keywords and all the keywords targeted to your website.
  • Increasing your website domain authority and page authority on certain topics in the search index.

How Google search the content?

Google uses crawlers bots to get and index the ever-growing and ever-changing net. Crawlers investigate links and pages to form a "table of contents" of the website. They go from link to link and webpage to the webpage to bring the information they discover back to Google. After Google collects all this information from the crawler bots, they index and categorize it in a directory according to the content. This directory show search results to Google users after they are searching for this information.

Important factors for SEO

Website audit

The website audit is a test of page performance before large-scale SEO. Auditing your website will check whether or not it's optimized to achieve your web traffic goals. The website is also required in the proper structure and canonicalized.

Content on website

Content performs a significant role in shows up your website in search engine results. Always try to add fresh and unique content on the website and Make sure that the content on your website is in keeping with that your user in search. A website title and description perform a very important role in search results. Title and description are shown in the search engine result page. Create an attractive title and description for maximum visitor hits on the website. Adding keywords in the Meta Title and Meta Description is very helpful to rank on that keyword.

Mobile Friendliness

More than 52% of worldwide internet traffic is coming through mobile. A mobile-friendly website is every business secret to success. With an increasing number of users using mobile as a preferred choice to search the required information and Google is ranking the websites based on their mobile-friendliness.

A Secure and Accessible Website

A secure web gateway protects a corporation from online security threats and infections by enforcing company policy and filtering Internet-bound traffic. A secure and SSL certified web gateway is an on-premise or cloud-delivered Network Security Service. Sitting between users and therefore the Internet, secure web gateways provide advanced network protection by inspecting web requests against company policy to make sure malicious applications and websites are blocked and inaccessible. A safe and secure web gateway includes essential security technologies like SSL, URL filtering, application control, data loss prevention, antivirus, and https inspection to provide organizations with strong web security.

Page Loading Speed

A web page has got to interact with the browser to appear. A browser receives page information from the website’s web server. This information is collected within the sort of multiple bytes. Hence, page speed is additionally described as the “first-byte period”. There are so many factors attached to the web speed performance of your website. Users are browsing from different locations, all of them have different devices, different internet connections, and speeds. of these factors make page speed SEO a mix of heterogeneous factors for an internet site.

Link Building

Link building is one of the foremost necessary SEO practices. Link building refers to the way of building links on different websites to improve search engine result rankings and drive referral traffic back to your website. You'll be able to insert links to your website inside numerous types of content as well. However not restricted to, infographics, articles, and images, press releases, blog posts.

Local SEO

Local SEO is predicated on providing search results according to the location. For example, If you search for a cake shop near me, the cake shop which is nearby your location shop comes on top of Google. Moving ahead, Google research on the local market trend pattern reveals that the local searchers are mostly initiated to require action With the utilization of targeted local keywords. You may know 90% of leads generate through Search engines. Every day, many people address their computers, mobile, and appearance for information online via search engines. On a regular base, everyday people conduct approx 3.5 billion searches on Google. Statistics from many sources indicate that more than 70% of the latest visitors to an internet site will find it via a search engine.

Local SEO is one of the foremost effective approaches to web marketing, promoting products and services to customers within an outlined geographical area. Local SEO brings together a spread of interconnected strategies – local business listings, climbing the rankings on the main search engines, use of online reviews and lots of more besides. All with the last word goal of reaching bent customers at the precise moment they’re trying to find you. Local SEO is engineered to maximize the growing demand for local services by today’s web user. It’s estimated that quite 50% of all mobile searches now have local intent – a figure that’s growing by the day. Responding to the requirements of up to date consumer markets means providing them with what they have, precisely once they need it. This is often where the local SEO shows its unique power and potential.

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